Green Burial Products for Pets
Minimum Returns
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Minimum Returns Containers

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Over the years, millions of pets’ cremated remains have been returned to vets and pet owners in cheap plastic boxes or tins. These options were all that had been available. Today, as our pets become in many instances as important as our children, Passages offers a large selection of products that can be used by pet crematories to replace the outdated tins and plastic boxes. They are more attractive, more functional and more eco-friendly. These products will allow you to differentiate yourself from your current or future competition by being greener and marketing that fact.

Scattering Tubes

The pet Scattering Tubes have become popular with pet crematories and vets, many of whom are making the pet tubes their minimum returns container instead of the plastic box and metal tin. They are a much more unique, attractive, functional and eco-friendly alternative. Making the tube your minimum returns container is a great way to exceed the expectations of pet parents.

Earth Biodegradable Urns

The Passages Collection of Earthurn biodegradable urns features a unique assortment of sustainably crafted, handmade paper urns. This collection of urns is suitable for scattering, biodegradable burial or the temporary storage of cremated remains. We offer three styles of urns in our volume pricing structure: Embrace, Unity, and Integrity.

Please contact Passages to receive a current volume price list.

Engraving is available on most Minimum Returns containers.

Due to the handmade nature these products, the color & dimensions may vary slightly.

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