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Press Release – Jewelry from Cremated Remains or Hair

Hand-Crafted Jewelry Using Cremated Remains or Hair from a Beloved Pet

Using an ingenious encapsulation process, Passages International Inc. uses cremated remains or a lock of hair to create one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry, stylish frames and plaques. While pet parents continue to seek cutting-edge memorial alternatives, what better way to remember a precious pet than by keeping a part of them close at heart with a meaningful piece of jewelry.

“Because each piece is hand-crafted, no two are alike. Each keepsake is as unique as the pet it represents,” says Passages’ President, Darren Crouch. “The Sentimental Connections product line is value-added merchandise, complementary to the already compassionate service you provide to pet parents. You will be remembered by this family forever for helping them have a completely unique piece of jewelry that they are proud to wear and show their friends.”

Silver Plated pendant samples are available for purchase and will be accompanied by point-of-sale display materials. Those that display samples and brochures generate significantly more orders than those that don’t. Different jewelry designs are is available in rings, earrings, cuff links and pendants.

Sentimental Connections jewelry pieces are exquisite and timeless. They allow one to proudly hold close those memories of a faithful companion. Available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated and Solid Gold, these keepsakes are hand-crafted in the USA.